“The 99.99% Carbon 60 gives me a lots more energy, can I still enjoy my morning coffee with it?”

Yes, and especially if you combine it with Carbon 60.

At the C60 ‘headquarters’ we have experienced this to be true ourselves, first hand! As a small company, with just a few employees, we’ve been able to accomplish much more than we ever imagined. With no staff increase we have kept up with the ever increasing amount of orders coming in and our expansion overseas.

But enough about us…

Here are some kind words from a few of one of our customers who report experiencing the same benefits….

“When I started combining C60 MCT with coffee, I straight away felt a huge difference in my energy levels and mental clarity. I noticed especially that my memory was getting very sharp, and I did not have a dip anymore in the afternoon, just with 1 coffee in the morning. I rate the C60 from the C60olive website very high because their saturation level is above the average in the market and their purity is a whopping 99.99%.”


What is the enhanced benefit of putting C60 Premium MCT in your coffee?

Apart from the effects of C60, the MCT deliver a bigger, longer lasting absorption of caffeine. So you wont get this sudden rush and drop effect of coffee.

We recommend using our C60 in premium MCT with C8 and C10 And Orangutan friendly!!

Coffee is not for every constitution.