Amplified Creative &

Naturopathic Care International

Malaysian based Amplified Creative aquired the Naturopathic Care International brand in 2023 to take the innovative range of herbal and nutritional supplements into the South East Asian market. The founder of Naturopathic Care Australia Jason Eldridge is still employed in product design and development. Australian manufactured supplements are seen as the highest quality globally, the Australian manufacturer we employ is both TGA and FDA licensed.


Jason Eldridge

Adv Dip (Naturopathy), Smart DNA prac., Rayid Practitoner & Rayid Teacher, Dip (Herbal Med.) Dip (Nutrition), ATMS member

Leading Melbourne naturopath Jason Eldridge has long been a renowned specialist in treating inflammatory and digestive conditions such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. His passion has lead him into specialising in oncology support and developing the Naturopathic Care Australia & Naturopathic Care International range of supplements.

“My own experience with Crohn’s disease and subsequent frustration with western medicine led me on a personal healing journey and then onto healing others.”

Jason has been practicing naturopathy for over 22 years, helping many people get well and stay well by using traditional knowledge together with the very best of modern research.

Jason aims to uncover the underlying spiritual cause for disease and suffering, to bring deep levels of healing using safe, effective natural remedies to help you realise the soul’s full potential.

Jason has lecturered at all campuses nationally for the Endeavour College of Natural Health where he teaches ‘Food as Medicine’ and ‘Rayid Iridology’. He lectures Rayid Iridology both nationally and abroad. He has undertaken extensive study with Denny Johnson (the founder of Rayid) and is a qualified Rayid Practitioner and Rayid Teacher with Rayid International.

Jason also has undertaken extensive research into nutrition and mental health, assisting in the development of HealthQuest Neurograph to assist practitioners in the analysis of brain neurotransmitter deficiencies such as serotonin and dopamine. Jason also developed the biochemistry module for HealthQuest helping practitioners interpret pathology tests from both a western medical and nutritional perspective.

Jason has a long standing passion for natural therapies and has been helping people back to vibrant health since 1991 when he started his own All Earth Health food store.