Will Carbon 60 help with or cure my disease/ailment? What are the health benefits?
While the original University of Paris study yielded very exciting results regarding overall health and longevity, Carbon 60 is still in the early research phase—particularly regarding its effect on human health. Anecdotal evidence so far is very promising when it comes to many different aspects of health and vitality, but the long term evidence will take quite some time to gather and analyse, eventually leading to larger scale controlled studies. We appreciate your feedback during this phase of scientific discovery, as every bit of data collected will help guide the research where it’s most useful.
How much should I take?
Based on customer feedback, we recommend one teaspoon per day, with or without food. More information can be found on our Dosing and Storage page.
How is your price determined?
Some of our competitors charge more for their oil, and some cut corners to charge less. We are passionate about providing our customers with the very best, fully saturated Carbon 60 olive oil, delivered quickly, at a fair price. To achieve this goal, we use top quality research grade Carbon 60 and the best organic extra virgin olive oil available, as well as extremely robust packaging to prevent breakage during shipment. We also run a very efficient operation and buy everything in bulk to keep costs as low as possible, and pass those savings along to customers. You can learn more about how we achieve our proven quality by reading about our Process.
How fresh is your C60 Olive Oil?
Based on the regular pace of shipping and production, the average bottle of C60 Olive Oil is shipped to us within three days of completing the two week mixing process.
How long will C60 Olive Oil keep?
When stored properly (kept in a cool, dark place), an unopened bottle of Carbon 60 olive oil has a shelf life of up to two years. Once opened, we recommend using within 30-60 days for maximum quality.
How should I store the oil? Should I keep it in the refrigerator?
To protect the product from degradation, it is necessary to store the oil in a place where it is protected from both heat and light, such as a cupboard away from the stove or any other heat generating appliances. Do not refrigerate. While refrigeration is harmless, placing the oil in a refrigerator will cause it to congeal in an unappealing way. If this happens, simply bring the oil back to room temperature and it will return to its normal consistency.
What is your process?
We follow the exact process of the original University of Paris study (also known as the Baati process). We use 5 grams of research grade Carbon 60 per liter of organic extra virgin olive oil, which begins at 99.9+% purity and is then vacuum oven dried to be completely solvent-free, mix in complete darkness for two weeks, then we centrifuge and sterile filter through a 0.22 micron filter before bottling. The entire process is controlled for temperature and light exposure to preserve the freshness and integrity of the product. More information can be found on our Process page.
What’s the difference between research grade and industrial Carbon 60?
We use a solvent free grade of Carbon 60, otherwise known as research grade. Solvents (primarily one called Toluene) are used in the manufacturing process of all Carbon 60, however, in research grade Carbon 60 they are completely removed to undetectable levels through further processing (vacuum oven drying, specifically). Industrial grade Carbon 60, which many companies use because it is much cheaper, still contains Toluene or other solvents and is unfit for human consumption.
Why is this other company’s oil black?
Black oil can only result from one of two things: inferior Carbon 60 containing dangerous impurities, or an inferior process. Some companies are boiling their oil to try to dissolve the Carbon 60 faster, or to attempt saturation using less than the 5 grams per liter it takes to achieve .8 grams per liter of full saturation. This destroys the polyphenols in the olive oil, and results in a damaged, black oil that is unfit for human consumption.
Why olive oil rather than coconut or other oils?
We use olive oil because it was the oil used in the original University of Paris study, and as such is the only oil so far to be scientifically evaluated as a carrier for studying the effects of Carbon 60. Additionally, olive oil contains very high levels of antioxidants—far higher than coconut oil—and brings its own proven health benefits to the solution. While it stands to reason that other oils would serve as good carriers for Carbon 60 and produce similar results, we are hesitant to offer it to our customers without evidence of its efficacy.
What does raw Carbon 60 taste like? What does Carbon 60 olive oil taste like?
Raw Carbon 60 initially has a flavour similar to charcoal, followed by a mild peppery taste that lingers for some time. Because our oil is fully saturated, and coupled with the already peppery taste of our high quality extra virgin olive oil, it can be a little intense on more sensitive palates. For this reason, many people choose to take the oil by dipping a bit of bread or drizzling on a salad.
What if I need to cancel an order/request a refund?
If for any reason you need to alter an order, cancel an order or request a refund, we are happy to help. Please contact us by emailing sales@c60olive.com.au. Our business hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm (EST) Monday – Friday. Because we process and ship orders very quickly, please contact us as soon as you can so we can remedy your situation before the order is shipped.
Can I request faster shipping than Priority Mail?
Australia Post offers Express shipping. Priority Mail Express can often deliver your package within one business day of processing (keeping in mind that our business hours are 9:00am – 4:00pm (PST) Monday – Friday). However, for some destinations Express actually has the same delivery window as regular Priority Mail (1-3 business days after processing).
Why are the prices higher from my nearby distributor than on your website?
Often our distributors have factored in the cost of paying customs fees and taxes so they can provide you with faster, simpler delivery of our product.