Words that heal the heart


  • Use for 21 sessions.
  • Read aloud before bed or alpha meditation.


I accept myself as a lovable person…I have the ability…and I do express and receive love…
I love people…and people love me…I express my love freely…and enthusiastically…I give those I love freedom and they return to me all that I give…What I want for myself…I want for everyone else…I know that everyone is made of the same substance…and we all are part of one great life…in that life we all live and move and have our being…since this is true…
I now forgive myself for every mistake I have ever made…and I forgive everyone else who has in any way harmed me…knowing that out of each experience, as I understand it, good must surely come to me…I now completely forgive as I would be forgiven…I am thankful for my new level of understanding…my new level of love…which enriches all those around me…as I develop a love of “giving” out…the joy of creation and the satisfaction of using my inherent powers to accomplish something worthwhile…is increased…my expression of love enriches, enhances, amplifies, creates and develops people and situations…I experience the fulfilment of life…my mature expression of life frees those I love to develop those inner powers toward their own fulfilment.  I allow those I love most deeply the chance to be themselves…to express life according to their own potentialities.  Freeing them automatically frees me to be more creative, spontaneous, and enthusiastic while pursuing my own destiny. Life thus becomes a Joy which I appreciate immensely.

This entire suggestion is represented by the letter “L” of my key word LIGHT.  Anytime I think, say or see the word LIGHT, all suggestions keyed to this word are automatically activated, stimulated and work for my benefit.

Thought throughout the day:

I am a radiating centre of love.


Symbols and images can be used from the meditation below.

4 Girl


I want you to imagine that you have been magically transported to a beautiful white sandy beach, with a vast ocean of blue laid out before you. The air has the wonderful scent of the sea and you feel warm and safe… as the sound of waves gently crashing has a soothing and relaxing effect. As you take in the beauty and purity of the ocean a wonderful feeling of awe washes over you.

You have chosen to make the world a more beautiful place for you grown rich in experience… rich with greater understanding…for you have seen a greater opportunity… an evolution of the soul… now it is time to fill yourself with the feeling of grace & acceptance, as your heart opens to giving and receiving greater and greater depths of love. As you turn to face the shore with the beautiful expansive ocean now behind you… breathe in the ocean and the feeling of grace right into the centre of your chest. Soft deep gentle breaths…with the sound of the waves gently crashing on the shore… you breathe in the feeling of acceptance, peace and letting go and realise that the universe is unfolding exactly as it should. For you are worthy of the greatest love; there is nothing that you have to do…there is no effort…just simply let it go… now I want you to imagine…an incredibly beautiful young woman walking up to greet you, she carries herself so sweetly, so gracefully… she has the most amazing eyes, so deep and so mysterious…for she has a depth of knowing  deeper than the oceans deep…and with one gentle smile she forgives you completely…she forgives you for any mistake you have ever made… as you find yourself wondering if she is an angel or perhaps a mystic priestess…  she whispers…I am your Mother’s, Mother’s Mother as a feeling of falling in love washes over you… she whispers now is the time to forgive yourself for every mistake you have ever made; and now forgive everyone else who may have in any way harmed you…knowing that out of each experience… …good must surely come …forgiving yourself for every mistake because each mistake is a but a stepping stone… to spiritual growth…so calm so graceful… with the waves gently crashing upon the shore… you keep breathing softly, gently…breathing into the centre of your chest…filling your entire body with her grace…she holds your hands as you stare into her eyes…her eyes have  a sweetness, an allowing and a depth of knowing…for she knows the effortless effort… there is nothing for you to do…for you are already so completely lovable…she has the fragrant sweetness of the rose…as you breath this soothing sweetness into your heart…breathing in the velvety softness of the petals…she is there to help you let go to help you receive the greatest love… and now like the blossoming of a rose, feel your heart open … for with her, there is no yearning, urge or desire… she is like an ocean of roses…accepting all the rivers of the world no matter how muddy  the water…she knows the void, the nothingness…for she is unending; timeless; ageless … although she is the sacred grandmother of emptiness from her womb all things emerged… when you stop to smell the roses she is there…you let her love in  as she hands you a rose…you place the rose to the left of your heart …hold her in your heart and dance with her …let her heal and expand the heart…as the waves pulse gently against the shore… your heart opens up with an expanded capacity to feel love…like the wide expanse of the ocean you expand your capacity to accept others… to accept yourself as truly lovable …for you have the ability…to express and receive love…you can freely express love…for this sacred grandmother is here to show you the path to true freedom…now you can give those you love… freedom and they return to you all that you give…you now know that everyone is made of the same substance…and we all are part of one great life…in that life we all live and move and have our being…in true freedom…  there is an ocean of roses behind you… breath the ocean into your chest and let the feeling of sweet expansion spread over your entire body… every tiny blood cell that leaves the heart now infused with a sacred sweetness… a feeling of gratitude and a greater level of love…the feeling of falling in love washes over you…this vibration enriches all those around you…for your level of love evolves…it grows and enriches, enhances, amplifies and creates people and situations…you are free to experience the fulfilment of life…your loving vibration frees those you love to develop their own inner powers… leading them toward their own fulfilment.  Your new level of allowing frees those you love most deeply and gives them chance to be themselves…to express life according to their own potentialities.  Freeing them automatically frees you to be more creative, spontaneous and quietly confident… now I want you to imagine there is a small white sphere of pure love glowing in the centre of your chest…feel its soft silky smoothness… imagine this love flowing from you through to your children…the sphere increases as the soft light of love flows onto your grandchildren and great grandchildren increase increasing the love and intimacy in all relationships…for love is all around……continue to breathe gently breathing in the sweet ocean of roses …your heart blossoming…the light of your heart glows filling your entire body…the light of your heart glowing all around…so relaxed…now in a few moments time we are going to come back to the room…take some long slow deep breathes and  begin to move your feet & toes …your hands and fingers.. just a little …continue to breathe slowly and deeply as you bring your awareness back to the room… stretch your arms and legs and feel the new levels of energy in your body…rejuvenated and regenerated…now in your own time gently allow the eyes to open… take you time and sit quietly… remembering to take your new levels of grace, love and acceptance with you.