Awakening to the Cycles and Seasons of Life By Jeanie Gold Johnson
“To everything there is a season…”
In a single breath, it is possible to experience the scope of the Rayid® Model. A solitary cycle of respiration is like a microcosm of a single day, the seasons of the year, and the lifetime of a human being.
Exhalation brings closure of the eyes and a journey into deep sleep. Inspiration, like the moment of awakening from a long slumber, corresponds with the soul remembering its incarnation in the physical world. Sleeping allows the soul its night time sojourn through the pristine silence of that which is unseen. Upon awakening, the soul recalls its embodiment in the mind and consciousness of a person.
In a single cycle of breathing in and breathing out, it is possible to experience the 12 iris structures, the primary body systems and meridians, the 7 generations of your family tree with the 12 associated birth order and grandparent positions, and the first 64 years of life, interwoven together.
Ordinary learning begins with a mental understanding of concepts. From there, it deepens with inner experiences of feeling. Later, it expands to include personal application and deliberate action.
If you truly wish to know the Rayid Model, you are encouraged to learn in a new way. To do so, begin with your own breath and gently allow the information in this article to marinate inside of you, over time.
Each day: find a quiet place, free of interruptions. Sit or recline and be still in your body. Let your breathing be natural. Focus your attention inside yourself, while creating soothing pictures with your mind. Nature images are particularly useful; like a gentle, tropical ocean washing through your body and being. In a place beyond thought, interpretation, or analysis, feel your breath and your body. Listen to the wordless wisdom inside your bones, your blood, your organs and body systems. Breathe; feel; listen. With time and practice, you will uncover the deepest essence of this work.
In this moment, allow yourself to be guided through an experience of the 6 brothers and the 6 sisters in The Rayid Model. Each birth order position corresponds with a particular ancestor in the family tree, and with a correlating iris structure. While all of this will be addressed in greater detail another time, for now, take a quieting breath and begin here.
Imagine that you are sleeping. Pause, feel the softness of your breath, the stillness of your body, and what it is like to be dreaming. Feel the child-like innocence and the gentle beauty of this time, before the rising of the sun and the dawning of the day. This is akin to the awakening of Spring. It corresponds with the quality of a #1 son: air or divine inspiration.
As the morning light increases and you begin to awaken, you open your eyes and become aware that you are no longer asleep. This subtle, yet extraordinary, moment of transition, from sleeping into wakefulness, is similar in quality to a #3 son. With this, comes a time of reflection upon dreams had and things past. Soon, you begin to focus your mind on the details of your day. This correlates with a #5 son, bringing free will and the actualization of awareness into choices made.
At this moment, the sun peaks over the horizon and thus begins the early-morning warmth of day. You become mobile and get out of bed. The increasing light and heat, synonymous with solar fire and a sense of purpose, is strongly related to the quality of a #2 son. This purpose, and a fire deep in the belly, produces the ability to digest food and create individual action in the world.
The first warming of the full sun corresponds with Summer and brings movement toward interaction with groups, like that which occurs at work or school. This mid-morning time, where the sun rises from the belly into the heart, is commonly associated with the playful nature of a #4 son, where friendships, laughter, frivolity and alliances abound, and lead to prosperity.
This period of group dynamic movement leads into the highest light of the day, the strongest fire shortly before noon. Here, the heat of the sun rises upward into the head. When this happens, the vibration of #6 son and pituitary fire are fully enlivened. Group unity, meaning the experience of all as one, is the highest experience of number six son.
With the arrival of “high noon”, feel the momentary pause in the day, when the “inhale” of the morning-ascent releases itself into the descending-exhale of the afternoon breath. This experience of release begins the first sequence associated with the feminine vibration of 1 through 6.
This initial place where the breath rests briefly is like the groundedness of a #1 daughter. In the stillness of the pause, feel the quality of the mineral kingdom embodied in the Earth, and pressed deep into your bones. Feel the solidness of a stone, a rock, a mountain. This solidifying foundation corresponds with the force of gravity and the strength of family. By its very nature, the mineral kingdom gives birth to a sequence that leads into the plant kingdom.
Imagine now that you are in an emerald green forest. Feel the strength of the trees. Notice how they pull the nourishment of earth up through their roots. Simultaneously, the chlorophyll in their leaves drinks the light of the day. Feel your feet upon the ground and the sun against your skin. The haemoglobin in your blood is like the chlorophyll in leaves. In the experiences of gathering in and assimilating, of balance and equilibrium, feel the quality of #3 daughter.
The afternoon correlates with the season of Autumn, when the leaves change colour and fall; when root vegetables and apples are harvested. The comfort and security that occurs with a harvest, is similar to a mother gathering her children and bringing them home, as the light of day diminishes.
With the arrival of late afternoon, there is a quieting hush to the busyness of the day. School and work come to a close. A gentle mobility occurs in the animal kingdom, as they begin feeding in the early evening hours. This mobility is associated with the interconnectedness of all species and #5 daughter. Integral with this, is the concluding heat of the afternoon.
Soon, the peace of evening begins to unfold, and the opposite cusp of sunrise is reflected in the moment of sunset. In the cooling gathering dampness, the tranquil peace of #2 daughter arrives. This quiet, soothing experience flows from the sacred meaning of water. It expands in magnitude and is reflected in the meaning of the ocean.
Late in the evening, as darkness increases, it is #4 daughter who releases all that is; all that has accumulated throughout the day. With this, a new cycle of sleep begins. There is a return into the emptiness, the nothingness, the void.
In the deepest darkness of night, Winter comes and, with it, the pristine, silent stillness of a #6 daughter. The pineal gland becomes dominant and the flow of melatonin brings rest. The sleep cycle is renewed, as the soul again visits the Infinite Realm. There, in the brightest light of the night time moon, the highest light of the soul is reflected. Number six girl is synonymous with the spiritual oneness of all things. In the purity of winter snow and the isolated quietness of interior fasting, she is known.
Number six daughter is the mother of number one son, as Winter is the mother of Spring. And, thus, the cycle is complete – and also begins anew. For, #1 son is the experience of the breath, the dawn, the dream, the early morning. Night gives birth to day, as day gives birth to night.
By feeling each of the birth order positions in the times of the day and the seasons of the year, you gain a remarkable experience of the cycles of life and the vast aliveness of your being. In the experience of learning in this way, you open doors of awareness that cannot be accessed with tools of reason or analysis.
This overview of the Rayid Model cannot be contained in the mind. It must be felt in the heart. Yet, without the mind, there is no experience of feeling. Without feeling, there is no actuality in the body. Without the body in the earthly dimension, there is no possibility for the soul to evolve.
In the quiet moments of your breath, the deepest nature of this work is revealed. Your in-breath rises and meets your out-breath, in a pause at the top of your head. There, the Sun and the Moon kiss. And, in the eclipse of perfect union between Heaven and Earth, all is known.