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What & Why
There’s no better time to give up that bad habit like now! If you’ve tried patches, gum and even hypnotic therapy, you’ll know how hard it is to give up smoking. The team at Instant Quit Bioresonance know too, so they’ve created a program that includes a 75 minute session of Bioresonance therapy

More about Bioresonance therapy
Bioresonance therapy uses the body’s own natural frequency patterns to destabilize the bonds that hold toxins to the tissues of the body. The inverse electro-magnetic frequency pattern of the toxins in cigarettes will be passed to you. This cancels out the frequencies that keep the toxins in the body. This process is known as phase cancellation. Similar to noise cancelling headphones, it rids the body of the addictive toxins and helps to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Often only one treatment is needed to potentially be smoke-free forever.

About Instant Quit Bioresonance
Instant Quit is an easy and effective way to quit smoking with over a 70% success rate! The program has been developed by scientists to address all aspects of addiction and why it’s so hard to quit. You will also discover why other treatment methods don’t work as effectively.

Boost Your Success rate to over 90%!
To receive maximum benefits of your therapy we use supplements to increase the brain neurotransmitters for serotonin (the hug me hormone in the brain), dopamine and brain opioids We also help detoxify nicotine, cadmium and other chemicals from the body with liver support for the following pathways CYP2A, CYP2A6, and  Glucuronidation. This combination is very effective for controlling addictive cravings including nicotine, alcohol, heroin and other addictive substances. This increases brain energy (short term memory, concentration and clear headedness improves) and boosts Dopamine, Noradrenaline and endorphins (brain opiate) levels by inhibiting the enzyme involved in their breakdown. All helping you feel calm and focused.

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Releasing Self Sabotage

This guided CD is used to address the deepest causes of addiction so that you don’t replace smoking with sugar and fast food or gambling or alcohol or…Many smokers have used smoking as a prop to cope with and deny fears such as criticism or loneliness. This CD helps you address and release these fears. Release the illusion of separateness that acts out of self-preservation and self-interest. Releasing selfishness expands our attention even beyond intuitive knowing to the voice of wisdom, the eternal aspect of our being that brings a sense of wholesome wholeness to our lives.

I was a smoker for over 40 years averaging a least 25 cigarettes a day. I always struggled to quite despite

trying many times with various methods. Any success was short lived and I experienced intense withdrawal symptoms and cravings, therefore losing the battle once again.


In early November 2013, I was fortunate to read about Bioresonance and the results achieved to quit smoking.  Even though I had my doubts I decided to give it a try. With a success rate of  70%, I was expecting to do a hard battle for the balance to achieve a 100%  out come…… not the case.

The Bioresonance therapy consisted of 2 one hour and fifteen minute sessions consecutively over 2 days. After the second and final session of Bioresonance and to my amazement … I haven’t had or wanted a cigarette since.  On the second day of the treatment, I felt a slight discomfort for that day and that was it.

No withdrawals, craving or having to do battle. For me, it was all too easy to quit WOW!  INCREDIBLY AMAZING! I feel happy and in control, free at last.


I highly recommend both Bioresonance and Alessandra Izzo who I found to be very supportive and encouraging throughout the whole process. Thank you Ally!