Rayid Iridology Courses

Rayid Iridology Courses

Rayid Courses with the Australian College of Rayid Iris

Learn how to read the sacred mandala of the soul


International Webinar or face to face in Melbourne / Brisbane / Adelaide / Sydney / Perth / Gold Coast / Auckland / Or Your City

Rayid is a healing art that deeply and accurately identifies the individual. Rayid provides you with powerful tools for physical and emotional self-healing, to nurture your soul and its destiny.

Learn all about:

  • The iris: the lessons and gifts of all of the iris positions, iris rings + much more
  • Birth Order & Family Tree Healing
  • Experience profound and moving meditations
  • The vibrations of glands, organs & body systems
  • Growth through ‘Shadow Work’
  • Live in class case studies
  • Evolve your consciousness and make the world a much more beautiful place!

4 Day Intensive or 2 Day Introduction 9am -4.30pm daily in:

Brisbane or remote webinar 2017
7 & 8 October – Wk 1
21 & 22 October – Wk 2
Melbourne or remote webinar March 2018
12 & 13 May – Wk 1
26 & 27 May – Wk 2
If enrolling via international / remote webinar please allow 2 weeks before the beginning of the class to allow for a workbook (and if doing the 4 day class Rayid Birth Order charts) to be posted to you
Course flyer

more information and bookings

Melbourne course held at:
Naturopathic Care Ivanhoe
133 Green Street Ivanhoe VIC 3079

Brisbane course held:
Library Meeting Room
TRYP Fortitude Valley Hotel, Brisbane
14-20 Constance Street, Fortitude Valley 4006

Rayid flyer 2017

4 Day Course $495 (Endeavour student $395)
2 Day Course $295 (Endeavour student $235)



This course is recognised with the Australian Natural Therapists Association for CPE points.


Rayid is a stand alone subject and requires no prior learning. Iridology practitioners, therapists, students and members of the public are welcome to enhance their therapeutic skills, for spiritual evolution and for general interest.

The beauty and depth of the Rayid work will astound you!

Call Jason now on 0422 731 477 to book your course or email for further details.

What are our students saying about this fantastic subject?:

“To look into the iris is to be kneeling before the sacred cathedral of the soul”. Katerina This course will change the way you view health and healing. Whether you are a health practitioner, student or simply have an interest in wellbeing, this course will enrich your understanding of what it means to heal. Whether you choose to use this information in your professional practice or just with yourself, friends and family, you will learn about how the iris and genetics impact health. It has been a core influence in my practice, both professionally and privately. Jason Eldridge is an exceptional presenter who teaches with humility, humour and a passion for this priceless modality.



With gratitude Katerina”

Sharon Thank you Jason and Dean for a very enlightening and educative journey into the world of Rayid iridology. The course has been an intensely motivating experience. My day to day eye contact with my fellow beings will never be the same as I unwittingly delve into their soul and personality, yearning to know more and more. Will this ever end? I can easily answer that. This is only the beginning. Thank you!
Eric Bakker ND I have found Rayid Iridology to be an invaluable tool and have used Denny Johnson’s method in my clinic for over twenty years. Rayid Iridology is a totally unique stand alone system which is derived from no other system of iris analysis, it is built on no other conceptual framework and involves no other technique of iris analysis. If like me you are keen on exploring the mind-body approach in your practice, you will find Rayid Iridology to provide a beautiful tool for understanding your patient’s behavioural, personality and relationship patterns on a much deeper level than you most probably currently do, in addition to the influence of ancestors and family-tree dynamics on their health, happiness, and well-being. Finally available in NZ, whether you are into Iridology or not, consider Rayid Iridology as an invaluable tool in your practice.
Natasha Naturopathy will never be the same if Rayid is removed; it teaches aspects that this college doesn’t ever touch on.
Vivienne The most valuable of all classes. Truly a life changing experience. This class is a MUST!!!
Adam What a wonderful, inspirational course, very valuable in any wholistic course. Exposure to it by everyone can only make for better practitioners and people.
Stacey Rayid provides us with the tools to understand inner essence in a positive and holistic manner. After doing the course, I can appreciate and marvel at how unique humans are; and how powerful our mind, body and spirit are when they work in peaceful synergy.
Emma Where else will education on the spirit come from? Missing Rayid would be a mistake.
Carmen This course is the balance to the rest of the classes offered at the college; a good way to get out of the science and into the soul! Keep Rayid!
Stuart The most important learning I have done in naturopathy (and life). This is what I came here to earn. Please keep Rayid as part of the course.
Nina This subject is fundamental for anyone wanting to go out into the world and help others as well as helping themselves.
Jeni An amazing, enlightening subject & feel it offers an important aspect in understanding human health and disease.
Cassie Rayid is an inspirational subject and only one of a few subjects that provides a holistic view of health. Keep it as a compulsory subject!