Support liver health, fat digestion, and cellular waste removal.


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Tauro-Urso-Deoxy-Cholic Acid or as it’s much easier to say; TUDCA, is a bile acid that has been used for centuries in Chinese Medicine to treat liver related issues. It also has high notoriety in the Bodybuilding world as a powerful PCT supplement.

Recent studies are showing far reaching benefits for the liver and whole body health.

TUDCA plays an important role in digestion, in particular the digestion of fat and absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

It has also been shown to have promising benefits of the liver, by improving bile flow, phase 3 liver detoxification, and bile duct integrity.

It may also assist in improving cellular health by improving the degradation of cellular waste within the mitochondria and cell membrane. In the gut it may assist with improving microbiome diversity.

Studies show it may reduce endoplamic reticulum stress and protein misfolding, which may provide neuro-protective benefits in neuro-degenerative diseases such as ALS, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Huntingtons disease.


Studies suggest taking anywhere between 250mg – 1500mg. We suggest taking 1 capsule per day. Each capsule is 250mg and there are 60 capsules in a bottle.

When to take:

You can take TUDCA whenever you like. However we suggest taking it a night for maximum benefit. It can also be taken before fatty meals to improve digestion

Side Effects?

There are no known side effects of taking TUDCA, occasionaly some people may encounter ‘detox symptoms’ or ‘Herxhiemer reaction’ such as tiredness or cold and flu like symptoms. These are just part of your bodies healing and should surpass in a few days or week.

Taste and Smell

TUDCA has a very potent Acetone-like smell and horrible taste.  This is because TUDCA is a bile acid and we do not use excipients or fillers in our products. The smell and taste being so strong is indicative of the purity and quality of the product and is nothing to be concerned about; this taste is why we encapsulate it, but the smell is unavoidable!

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