Aromatic Bitters 100ml

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A traditional, hand crafted aromatic bitters to aid digestion, elevate classic cocktails or bring the bitter to a lemon, lime and bitters. Made in small batches using organic and wildcrafted plants carefully selected for their flavour, digestive function and historical significance.

  •  Aid digestion with a delicious non-alcoholic herbal digestive: add 20 drops of aromatic bitters to a 200ml glass of sparkling water.
  •  Add a complex, botanical bitterness to a homemade lemon, lime and bitters.
  • Elevate classic cocktails such as an old fashioned or manhattan. Use anywhere you would use angostura or other commercial bitters.

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Organic Pure Alcohol*, orange peel*, fresh ginger*, schisandra berry*, vanilla pod, milk thistle seed, cassia cinnamon*, star anise*, fresh holy basil, coriander seed*, dill seed*, gentian root*, pink peppercorns*, fresh bay leaf, fresh oregano leaf

All herbs are *organic, homegrown or ethically foraged.

Contains alcohol (45% abv). Pyewackets bitters are made the traditional way in organic alcohol, much like a herbal tincture. Once diluted it’s a tiny amount but if you’re allergic to alcohol, or just curious – yes, traditional aromatic bitters contain alcohol.

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