Integra Gemmune I.B. (ImmunoBiotic) 56vc


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Gemmune I.B ImmunoBiotic is a key formulation in the GEMM range. Gemmune I.B. is designed to stimulate and maintain a healthy immune response. Gemmune I.B. exploits the close inter-relationships that link human immunity to the cells lining the intestine and the microbiota which reside in the human digestive tract. The ingredients in this formulation were selected for their ability, demonstrated in clinical trials, to reduce the incidence of upper respiratory tract infection and augment acquired immunity in adults. Gemmune I.B. may also exhibit anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and relieve aching, swollen legs due to mild varicose veins. The polyphenols in this formulation may also enhance cognitive function and mental capacity whilst assisting in glucose metabolism and in the maintenance of the menstrual cycle.

The GEMM Protocol: Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation:
Focuses on core upstream processes that human cells use to maintain normal function. A major part of human immune defence resides in the gut; Gemmune IB targets immune function at this level. Immune responses within the gut initiate signals which modulate metabolism in other parts of the body, so that the effects of Gemmune I.B. are diverse.


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