Digital SLR Iris Photography System


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Digital Iris Camera, Printer and Platform

Genuinely the best value for your money!

Exceptional iris photographs can be achieved by combining our lightweight, portable Platform, with the highest quality, latest technology digital iris camera equipment on the market.

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Digital SLR and Digital COMPACT cameras.

  • 18 megapixel Digital SLR camera with LCD screen and Macro lens provides maximum close-up easy to focus photography that cannot be achieved with a compact camera
  • Built in camera flash for natural, true to life colours and successful, consistent iris photographs. In your iris photographs the flash reflection does not obscure the iris zones
  • Images can be printed, viewed on your laptop or computer monitor, or saved to CD or hard drive for research, storage or emailing
  • Digital portable photo printer (with re-chargeable battery) prints a photo size image in acurate colour … within one minute!
  • Direct print combines with camera zoom and trim function (a quick and easy option to trim the captured image … on the camera), so the iris completely fills the photograph when printed


IrisCam Iridology Cameras

  • Simple and easy to use … even the most non-equipment oriented people easily grasp the straightforward steps to photograph, print, or display exceptional quality iris photographs.
  • The Digital Iris Photography system is compatible with any iris software.
  • SLR is short for Single Lens Reflex and refers to the highest quality cameras on the market. They have detachable lenses and provide exceptional quality, capacity and versatility … something that is not achievable with the less expensive compact camera range.
  • When photographing the iris, the field of view is complex and requires photographic equipment capable of capturing superfine details and acurate colours … an overall image that is clear and ‘true to life’.
  • Camera connects via wireless to new smartphones and computers that are NFC enabled

The Digital

… does all of that and more!

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Weight18000 g
Dimensions60 × 45 × 45 cm