Birth Order Charts set of 6 small charts


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Birth Order Charts set of 6 small charts

#1: How to Determine Birth Order Position/ Family Tree Continuum. There is a living connection between all members of the family tree. We are all born with special qualities and abilities developed by our family and society. Our individual/collective health and happiness depends on how well these abilities are cultivated. Understanding birth order allows us to strengthen the positive attributes within ourselves and others.
#2: Family Tree
There is a living wholeness and perfection in the family tree. Grandparents and great-grandparents represent gifts and abilities waiting to be realized. Parents are the bridge between children and grandparents. Each child occupies a distinctive birth order position, with unique qualities and characteristics. Specific qualities, nature symbols and body organs/body systems correspond with each birth order position.
#3: Birth Order Lessons
Developing strength, character and intelligence is a personal responsibility. By cultivating a greater appreciation for your family, positive qualities become life-long attributes. What we inherit and cultivate, we pass on to future generations. Enhancing positive attributes, increases health, happiness, and personal success.
#4: Timelines/ Family Dynamics
Over the course of 64 years, there are four distinct stages or cycles of life. Each stage is composed of different combinations of Yin/Mind and Yang/Body influences, where different genes turns off and on. Each stage has discrete experiences of mind, feeling, and body.
#5: Guide to Body Polarities
A great reference tool showing the relationship between areas of the body, birth order positions, yin/yang dynamics, and the origin and nature of family patterns. Scars, blemishes, skin temperature and conditions reveal important and useful information.
#6: Family Tree Continuum
Grandparents and children have a special genetic connection. Each of the 12 birth order positions has within it, lessons to be learned and positive abilities to be expressed. When we embody the lesson of each birth position, a natural ability is accessed – and we are more capable of receiving the universal quality from the corresponding grandparent.

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