At Naturopathic Care

“You Can Achieve Vibrant Wellness”

The New Clinic is located at 6 Bank Street Alphington VIC 3078


At Naturopathic Care we look beyond the disease label itself for deeper causes with a holistic view encompassing the mind, body and spirit.

You can choose from a range of natural therapies, services & traditional medicines including:

* Bioresonance Scanning & Treatment

* Massage

* Counseling

* Herbal Medicine

* Rayid Iridology

* Rayid Birth Order

* Clinical Nutrition

* Detoxification

* Food as Medicine

* Weight Management

* Flower Essences

* Meditation Guidance

* Deep Tissue Massage

* Romi Romi Massage

* Pranic Healing

* Specialising in Digestive Disorders, Crohn’s Disease Treatment, Ulcerative Colitis treatment, Inflammatory Bowel Disease treatment, Parasites, IBS.